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BD Health is an end-to-end data collection and distribution platform. Our best in class sensor technologies report with centimeter accuracy in 100 millisecond intervals. Raw sensor data is processed with algorithms guided by sports science, to determine much more than 3D location & sensor outputs. Using additional software the metrics reveal training load, recovery, gait analysis and injury detection and more. This provides a stream of outputs, each with it’s own unique value and function. Our servers are capable of providing real-time data to dozens of television platforms, hundreds of trainers and millions of mobile viewers simultaneously.


Powerfull Features

BD Health is a connected tag (UWB), anchor and HD video camera solution that analyses in real time the daily activity of a horse in racing and training. It has been designed to be an integral part of training and racing for horse professionals e.g. Trainers, Vets, Stewards etc. Clear insight is given to speed, strength, distance, heart rate and recovery and backed up by visual confirmation of performance.

Personal Dashboards

Live Data and secure storage, customised for each user type

Unparalleled Analytics

AI Driven Insights and deeply detailed training data available

Data Aggregation

Delivery of sensor data and live video, captures rich training insights

Mobile & Tablet

This service is fully responsive and available across portable devices

Precision Location

Best in class real time location and motion sensors detect precise motion

AI Insight

Powerful comparison insights and performance updates delivered automatically

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BD Health thrives on innovation and are at the forefront of the sports science industry.